We are the dessert side of the famous frozen meals maker - check out MagicKitchen.com - and our specialty is making the after dinner moment the highlight of the meal.
Dessert Delivery with a Tender Touch

You probably already know that preparing a top-of-the class dessert is an art. Our team of Chefs makes us think so too. Every day. But a good dessert is better if it is delivered on time and in a perfect state. So we are making a science out of dessert delivery. Call us double decadent.  So how do we do it?

  • Quick Dessert Delivery: Once you buy desserts online, the desserts are delivered to you by the ground delivery teams of UPS and FedEx Home delivery. The desserts come from our base in Kansas City, which means they can reach you anywhere in the US within hours, a day or, if you are really far from us, within a maximum of three days. And if you like, we can get it to you quicker by UPS air delivery. An order received before noon ships out on the same day.

  • Convenient Delivery: You do not have to wait in the house for our dessert. You can have it waiting for you at home instead. As long as the courier feels comfortable that the package will not be stolen, it can be delivered at your home without a signature.

  • Keeping It Fresh All The Way: Each package of dessert is packaged in a reusable, recyclable Styrofoam container with dry ice.  The ice melts slowly in transit, keeping the dessert fresh all the way. Some ice may even still be intact when it reaches you. All you have to do is defrost the dessert and serve it.

  • Secure Online Ordering: We make it a breeze to order our desserts online. You get a confirmation email after you order and, by using the link provided at the bottom of your receipt, you can track your order through our website – which is directly linked to the UPS tracking system. And we do not store your credit card number or other information on our servers. It is forwarded in an encrypted format to our credit card processor and, as soon as the order is complete, the information is no longer available on our servers.




We are the dessert side of MagicKitchen.com - and our specialty is making the after dinner moment the highlight of the meal.

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Mostly Desserts can ship everywhere in the continental US within 3 days maximum and do so with very cost effective shipping rates, using FedEx.

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Your privacy is our focus. At all times we will keep any personal contact information provided by you completely confidential.

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Please call us anytime toll-free at 877-516-2442, and one of our friendly staff will be pleased to help you! Can't call? You can email us.

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